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The Indian food packaging is seeing a enormous change as the food and eating habits in India are seeing a modernization. We not only do packaged foods, showcase their own unique identity through food labels and stickers, but they also provide essential information about the product by means of the labels. As a food and beverage label manufacturer, we realize the importance of maintaining quality and uniqueness in the labels that we offer. We understand that our labels not only influence the sales of the products because of the label attractiveness but and by conveying salient features of the product to the buyers, which in turn serves as a major selling feature.

Food and beverage labels are not only helpful in sales and providing information, but are also compulsory to be comply with the food authority laws, failing which the producers of food products might face action from various government authorities.

We understand that we would have to face a high and diverse demand from the users of our product. That is the reason why we have developed a wide range of stickers and labels in PE, PP and PET. These stickers are developed in such a way that the sticker as well as the adhesive is able to withstand extreme temperatures as Indian conditions experiences and still keeps at its job. We also make sure that our practices are updated regularly, which is why we have developed various methods in printing ranging from squeezable labels, rolls of printed PP labels, textured, metallic, transparent, laminated and labels on foil because amazing options is our mantra towards a perfect service.

Latest developments in food labels :

  • Self adhesive Labels printing using PP , PE , PVC and PET.
  • Adhesive labels that are squeezable.
  • Printed PP labels in roll form.
  • Textured effects.
  • Metallic foils on the labels.
  • Embossed self adhesive bottle labels.
  • Laminations.
  • Transparent labels.

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